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Cookies Policy for www.sumed.co.uk

Cookies and Our Site

Cookies are small files that are downloaded from our website to your computer or mobile device. When you come to access our site again the cookies are sent back to us so we can recognise you and remember your preferences.

To gain full access to our website and in particluar to use our online shop, you will need to accept cookies from our site. Changes you make to your cookie settings could prevent certain functions of our website such as our online shop from working.

Our cookies do not store data that can be used to personally identify you (your name, address or financial information). Our site uses cookies to collect non-personal information that allows us to improve the website and the web browsing experience.

For more about cookies please visit aboutcookies.org

Please see below for details of the main cookies that you may receive:

Sumed International's Cookies

sumed-session - This cookie is essential for the upcoming online shop area of www.sumed.co.uk. Using this cookie, we can save your preferences whilst you visit the different pages of our site. It makes sure you can add products to your basket, keeps you logged in and allows you place an order. This cookie will expire after 24 hours, allowing you to revisit and resume your shopping experience within a 24 hour period.

Third Party Cookies - AddThis

AddThis is a social sharing tool that we use to allow you to share our webpages with other users through mediums such as email, twitter, facebook etc. AddThis uses the following cookies with your browser:

_atuvc - This cookie, used by the AddThis social sharing in order to make sure the you see the updated count if you share a page. It will automatically expire after 2 years.

Third Party Cookies - Google

We use Google to analyse our website and improve your experience with Sumed International. Google uses the following cookies with your browser:

 _utma  - This helps us know if you have visited our site before and updates with every time you load a new page on our website. To ensure high levels of security each cookie has its own unique ID. It will automatically expire after 2 years.

_utmb  - This cookie helps you begin and continue your time on our website. It will automatically expire after 30 minutes.

_utmc  - This cookie helps us to know if we should remember you or instead create a new session for you. This cookie will expire once you have closed your browser.

_utmz  - This cookie lets us know how you have reached our site. It shows us if you have come to sumed.co.uk website from a web search, newsletter link, another website or adverts on the internet. We then know which marketing channels work best and gives us information to improve your web experience. This cookie will automatically expire after 6 months.

Editing your Cookies

Of course the way your browser interacts with cookies can be edited. Due the diversity of browsers on the market please consult the “help” menu of your browser to learn how.

Please note that our use of cookies ensure the basic functioning of our website. Any editing of your cookie preferences could prevent certain elements of our website functioning.