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Important Announcement

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NHS Supply Chain England

Sumed are delighted to announce that they have been appointed to NEW NHS SC framework for Powered and Non-Powered wheelchairs including specialist seating in a number of categories as follows:



Manual Adult Bariatric Wheelchair

Uniroll Goliath

Manual Adult Intermediate Wheelchair

Uniroll Phönix

Manual Adult Postural Wheelchair

Netti 4U CE PLUS (Comfort)

Manual Adult Standard Wheelchair

Uniroll Phönix

Manual Adult Standard Wheelchair Lightweight

Uniroll Moly

Manual Paediatric Active Wheelchair

Uniroll Rollo

Manual Paediatric Postural Wheelchair

Netti Mini

Wheelbase Unit

Netti Base

Manual Adult Wheel Base

Netti Base

All our wheelchairs offer a variety of impressive features and are very competitively priced, contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration to see for yourself.

    • uniroll logo long base
    • Phönix for users up to 185kg (29st)
    • Netti logo
    • Netti Comfort
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Uniroll range pass crash test!

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Sumed are delighted to announce that the full range of Uniroll Heavy duty wheelchairs have now succesfully passed the crash test. Uniroll HD wheelchairs cater for maximum client weights of 23.5 stones up to 47.3 stones with Moly, Phonix and Goliath. Full transport kit details are available on the Unwins website or from Sumed.... give us a call if you would like to know more about the range or see a demonstration for yourself!

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Uniroll Moly passes crash test!

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Sumed are delighted to announce that Moly wheelchair, part of the Uniroll range of Heavy duty wheelchairs launched earlier this year, has successfully passed crash testing. Moly is a stylish, high quality but incredibly lightweight wheelchair suitable for clients up to 150kg (23.5 Stones) with adjustable depth and a range of seat and back heights. All Uniroll wheelchairs are German engineered and offer excellent value for money and durability. To find out more about Moly or any of the other Uniroll range please give your local sales representative a call or contact Sumed on

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Cilguard® Overlap is excellent for Bariatric Clients

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We have recently launched Cilguard®, our new exciting range of Polyurethane Foam Dressings with a soft silicone adhesive. Our unique Overlap variant was created specifically to cover large or awkward areas and this has been used successfully on bariatric clients.

Cilguard® Overlap allows effective coverage of the large wound areas whilst reducing the risk of exudate strike through where dressings are joined.

Find out more about the benefits or request a free sample to try Cilguard Polyurethane Foam Dressings