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Sumed® Product Portfolio

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The original Sumed range consisted of a range of wheelchair cushions and a much heavier bath cushion. These contained a "Flowform" liquid module, designed to redistribute pressure away from pressure points and provide stability and protection against vibration and shock. The Flowform based products are still sold today albeit the range has developed considerably and our continuity of care products add to the holistic approach of client protection.

Action® Products Inc Pressure Relieving Gel

Action Products Inc range of pressure care products are derived from an ultra-soft synthetic rubber-like material, called Akton® polymer. This unique, shock-absorbing material was invented by the company's founder, Dr. McElroy, in his pursuit to develop padding that would help prevent pressure sores in immobilized patients. Sumed have worked with Action Products Inc since 1993 when it started to import the Ergonest and Primenest cushion range. Action Products Inc now provide us with a full range of polymer based seating, overlay and continuity of care products pressure care products

Flowform® Pressure Relief in seating and bathing

The Flowform® brand is a Sumed® brand. The Sumed® bath cushion and Sumed® Ultra 90 were rebranded Flowform® in 2010. The Flowform® module was designed to create an effective pressure relieving surface which could take pressure away from the ischial tuberosities and sacral area by adapting to the available body shape and increasing the surface area over which to disperse pressure. Flowform® liquid has a viscous consistency and the envelope of the module is constructed with the addition of spot welded areas which prevent “hammocking” occurring between bony prominences. Flowform® Bathing and seating range are manufactured in Hadfield, Derbyshire at our office.

Primenest® 2 Pressure Relief Stability Cushion

Primenest® 2 was redeveloped from the original Primenest cushion with extra functionality. Primenest® 2 offers stability in the base with Akton® pebble gel technology. It has a rounded front for easy transfer.

Viscotech® Pressure Relief Cushions

Our Viscotech range was developed and manufactured in conjunction with Vitacare Ltd - the specialist medical division of Vitafoam Limited, the UK's market leader in cellular polymer technology. Viscotech uses the very latest foam and visco-elastic technology to provide a comprehensive range of low-cost seating and mattressing products.

Ciltech® Scar Management

Ciltech®  is a range of scar treatment gels and sheets. Ciltech® can be used to flatten and smooth scars and to help to prevent the development of scars such as keloid or hypertrophic scars following surgery, burns, or other wounds.

Xsensor® Pressure Mapping Technology

Xsensor pressure imaging systems are used in numerous medical environments to assist healthcare professionals in measuring dynamic interface pressure between patients and a variety of support surfaces. Specifically, interface pressure imaging sensors provide objective measurement to assist clinicians in understanding how positioning, support surfaces and alterations can impact a patient's circulatory, recovery and well being. Xsensor systems enhance the quality of patient care by providing risk assessment via mapping of support surfaces and can help as part of your protocols to reduce the incidence of pressure sores within the Community or Acute setting. With the costs of healing a pressure sore estimated at £40,000.00 (British Healthcare Trades Association), the investment in one of these systems is very quickly repaid. Accurate assessment of product choice leads to time saving and reduced future healthcare costs.

Integrity® Dynamic Mattress Replacement System

Integrity® has a design that combines simplicity with outstanding functionality which has been tested using XSensor® Pressure Mapping Technology. The pump has clear controls with features including comfort adjustment, auto dual mode and alarms. The mattress comes with comprehensive safety measures including a clearly labelled CPR code and fixed straps designed NOT to rip the mattress if placed incorrectly. The mattress also comes with an easy transport bag.

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