Action® Cushions: Akton® Gel Pressure Relieving Solutions

    • action xact classic

Action® Xact® Classic

Contoured High Risk Cushion with Akton® Cubed® composite and foam properties to enhance positioning. User weight limit of 28 Stones (178kg)

    • Action® Commuter Cushion

Action® Commuter™ Cushion

Low Profile Cushion for users ‘At Risk’ of pressure damage 

    • Action® Professional Cushion

Action® Professional®

High Risk (Low Profile) Cushion. User weight limit of 35 Stones (222kg) 


    • Action® Pilot Pressure Relieving Cushion

Action® Pilot™  

Low Profile Cushion for users ‘At Risk’ of pressure damage created for the active user

Other Action® Cushions in the Portfolio

Action® Centurian™  ‘At Risk’ Cushion which is Low Profile for the Active User

Action® Xact® Lite ‘At Risk’ Cushion weighing just 3.2 lbs

Action® Xact® Soft ‘At Risk’ Cushion providing forward and lateral support

Action® Xact® Individual Highly customised Medium to High Risk Cushion to suit client requirements

New Sumed Cushion using Akton® Gel

Primenest® 2 Cushion uses Akton® Gel to reduce friction and shear using a new pebble design

    • Pebble pad picture from Action®