Flowform® Bath Cushion - Pressure Relief whilst bathing

The Flowform® Bath Cushion is ideal for patients who have undergone weight loss, spinal injuries, or are unstable physically.

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Flowform® Bath Cushion was developed in conjunction with Stoke Mandeville Hospital. It uses the same envelope as that contained in the Flowform® Ultra 90 cushions and was originally called Sumed® Bath Cushion.

The Flowform® material has been developed so it is heavier than water, to ensure that the pressure relief cushion does not float and is free to immerse the user.

The Bath Cushion is supplied with detachable suction cups which enable it to be left in position in the bath, or attached to bath lifts or shower stool.

Flowform® Bath Cushions, Bath Mattresses and Commode/Bath Hoist Cushions are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.

The Bath Cushion is easily cleaned using proprietary cleaning solutions.

Maximum Weight: 20 Stones (127kg)

Flowform® Bath Cushions are Made in England and the quality is reviewed personally by our dedicated team here in Hadfield. 

Flowform® Bath Cushions are suitable for paediatric clients. See other products in the paediatric portfolio from Sumed

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Flowform® Bath Cushion: Continuity of Care
pressure relieving product with enhanced stability

Continuity of Care - Why is it so important?

Pressure Sores cost the NHS up to 4% of the total NHS expenditure* which is up to £4 billion per year and are causing increasing concern in nursing homes and hospitals. In many cases, care that is taken whilst a patient is sitting in a wheelchair or lying on a bed isn’t continued on all surfaces which can lead to the formation of preventable skin damage. Patients are particularly vulnerable when bathing, toileting and hoisting, and when in contact with other hard surfaces.

Unrelieved pressure will interfere with local blood circulation, leading to ischaemia and then tissue necrosis. 

*Bennett, G. Dealey, C. & Posnett, J. (2004) the cost of pressure ulcers in the UK. Age and ageing,

33 p230-235

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  • This leaflet gives details on the Flowform® Bathing Range including the Bath Cushion, Bath Hoist/Commode Cushion and the Bath Mattress

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The Flowform® Bath Cushion is part of our full range of pressure relieving bathing products and is suitable for clients who have weight loss, spinal injuries and those who are at risk of skin damage.

Warning: Please do not try and lift the bathing products from the bathing surface after use without first sliding the suction pumps to the side and off the bottom. The suction pumps are designed not to detach easily in order to maximise stability.

Patients are particularly vulnerable when bathing, toileting and hoisting, and when in contact with other hard surfaces.

See the full Continuity of Care Portfolio Overview. New chart for 2012

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Flowform Bath Cushion Sizing Chart Description Size
34505 Bath Cushion 13" x 13" x 1.5" - 33cm x 33cm x 3.5cm (approx)
34705 Bath Cushion 15" x 15" x 1.5"  -  38cm x 38 cm x 3.5cm (approx)
34805 Bath Cushion 17" x 17" x 1.5"   - 43cm x 43 cm x 3.5 (approx)

Flowform Bathing Instructions for Use