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Prof. Amit Gefen's ground-breaking research into the causes of pressure ulcers

Exciting opportunity to understand new research into the causes of pressure ulcers AND EARN CPD POINTS!

For almost 20 years, Prof. Amit Gefen – Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tel Aviv University and past President of the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) – has been reviewing current thinking and conducting ground-breaking research to try to better understand the causes of pressure ulcers.
Prof. Gefen questions if ischaemia alone can explain all pressure damage. Working with the latest technologies such as seated MRI and bio-artificial muscle cultures, his results suggest that some pressure ulcers are actually caused by tissue deformation leading to deep tissue injury at the bone/muscle interface which then cascades outwards to the surface of the skin. This, he explains, is why some category 4 pressure ulcers can appear almost overnight. 
Prof. Gefen has also created computer-based finite element modelling (FEM) to accurately predict internal tissue stresses  in a variety of situations including the presence of scar tissue, bone remodelling and in subjects sitting on different  pressure relieving surfaces - results show that an air-cell cushion provides good envelopment resulting in dramatically lower internal loads than a foam cushion and therefore leads to significantly longer “safe-seating” time.

How to earn your CPD points!

In collaboration with the British Journal of Nursing, Sumed have produced two CPD approved 1-hour videos which feature Prof. Gefen explaining his methodology and results in detail. These videos can be viewed on below. After watching the two videos, click on this link to print out your self-certified CPD certificate: Simply answer the questions about the two videos and then store the completed certificate in your CPD folder.
Sumed also offer a number of FREE on-site seminars covering Prof. Gefen's research as well as product demonstration of pressure relieving products incorporating ForeSite pressure imaging technology.
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