Sumed® Integrity® Construction


Integrity® is a Sumed® Brand and is now available on SBS Contract

  • Integrity® has been specifically designed to offer exceptional functionality and adjustability combined with simplicity in use.
  • Integrity® is our new advanced performance Alternating Dynamic Replacement Mattress System suitable for the prevention and management of all grades of pressure damage for clients up to 28 stones (178kg).

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Additional information 

  • Full 2 year warranty - Includes expert technical support
  • Mattress inflates to a height of 15cm and weighs only 14.5kg
  • User weight limit of 28 Stones
  • Suggested minimum user weight limit of 5 Stones
    • Integrity® On Profiling Bed

Comprehensive Safety Measures

To maintain patient saftey, the system will automatically switch back to alternating pressures after 1 hour on Static Mode or 30 minutes on Nursing mode. The polyurethane cover is white inside for easy fluid ingress inspection and its fixing straps have quick-release poppers that prevent tearing if the mattress is incorrectly fitted to a profiling bed. 

A 5cm soft foam underlay provides permanent protection against "bottoming out". The control panel automatically locks after 15 seconds and alarms will sound for low pressure and power loss.

There is a CPR tag for air evacuation at the head of the mattress

    • Sumed® Integrity® Construction

Small cells give excellent patient comfort, immersion and pressure relief

Integrity® is constructed from 29 small cells split into top and bottom compartments with the head, heel and sacral areas offering ventilated micro low air loss delivering improved client immersion and comfort. The small cell construction ensures pressure relief is delivered in an unobtrusive manner and reduces the issue of cell distortion when profiling the bed frame.

Integrity® has a double cell height small cell construction with arrays of micro low air loss (LAL) cells at the heels, sacrum and head. The micro LAL cells deliver maximum immersion and comfort in these most vulnerable areas