Pressure Area Care

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Intelli-Gel® Cushions

    • Intelli-Gel cushions

Incorporating the latest pressure care advances, Intelli-Gel cushions are an innovative range of stand alone cushions that offer pressure relief for those at very high risk and assist in the healing of pressure ulcers up to Grade II (EPUAP).

Independent research (download clinical evidence PDF) has indicated that Intelli-Gel® performs well against a variety of different wheelchair cushion types. The simplicity of the cushions is underpinned by a sound understanding of why and how pressure ulcers are formed. Intelli-Gel® does not require set up or installation, the cushions can simply be placed in a chair or seating system and will be effective immediately. The Intelli-Gel cushions come in two styles; a Contoured version and a Low Profile Topper. Both style have a maximum user weight limit of 30 stones.

Intelli-Gel Low Profile Topper

Intelli-Gel Contour

    • Intelli-Gel Low-Profile Topper
    • Intelli-Gel Contour
2"/50mm thick with PU seam sealed cover
The Intelli-Gel® Low-Profile Topper is designed to be used over existing seat cushioning or on sling wheelchair seats to improve comfort and deliver many of the benefits of the Intelli-Gel® Contour without significantly increasing seat height. Used as a topper in conjunction with an existing seat cushion the Intelli-Gel® Low-Profile can reduce the risk of pressure ulcers for those at high risk or with existing pressure ulcers up to Stage II (EPUAP).
The Intelli-Gel® Low-Profile is also intended to improve comfort for healthy individuals who sit for long durations, such as road or air travel, or in the office.
3.5"/90mm thick with PU seam sealed cover
The Intelli-Gel® Contour is designed to reduce the risk of individuals developing a pressure ulcer and to assist in the healing of pressure ulcers up to Stage II (EPUAP). The Intelli-Gel® Contour is intended to replace existing seat cushions in chairs and to be used as seat cushions in wheelchairs, on hard surfaces and sling seats.

Ordering details

Dimensions Low Profile Contour
16" x 16" (400mm x 400mm) PC009 PC019
18" x 16" (450mm x 400mm) PC010 PC020
18" x 18" (450mm x 450mm) PC011 PC021
20" x 16" (510mm x 400mm) PC012 PC022
20" x 18" (510mm x 450mm) PC013 PC023