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Pressure Area Care

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POLYAIR® Comfort

    • POLYAIR Comfort Construction

The POLYAIR® Comfort consists of a POLYAIR® 60 single compartment insert, encased in a layer of viscoelastic memory foam.

With the POLYAIR® Comfort, only a single compartment insert option is available. However, the foam layer creates stability, while still maintaining the pressure relieving qualities of an air-cell cushion. It also adds an anti-bottoming layer, for additional confidence in the protection against pressure damage.

Maximum user weight is 22 stone (140kg).

3 Year warranty on all POLYAIR® cushions, and 2 years on covers.

Available with the standard cover or a HD cover with welded seams.

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    • POLYAIR Comfort Pump

Insert Inflation Instructions

To appropriately inflate the insert for the POLYAIR® Comfort, please follow the instructions below:

  • Before seating the user on the cushion, attach the inflation pump securely to the cushion's valve, and remove the bulb from the end, by gently pulling it away from the hose.
  • Allow at least 1 minute for the air pressure inside the cushion to equalise with the air in the room.
  • Re-attach the bulb to the hose, by gently pushing it back into place.
  • For every 10kg (1st. 8lbs) of the user's weight add 1 pump of air into the cushion. We recommend that you round to the nearest 10kg.
  • The user can now be seated on the cushion.
  • Adjust inflation of the cushion as necessary for comfort, and pressure relief.

N.B. Please note that these are guidelines and the appropriate inflation for each user may vary.

POLYAIR® Comfort Cushion Codes

Cushion with Standard Cover  Size Cushion with HD Cover
P301CMC42421HW 16x16 in (42x42cm) P301CMC42421HF
P301CMC45421HW 18x16 in (45x42cm) P301CMC45421HF
P301CMC45461HW 18x18 in (45x46cm) P301CMC45461HF

If you would like to purchase a spare cover at the time of purchasing your cushion, simply replace "1HW" or "1HF" at the end of the cushion code with "2HW" or "2HF".

(Using HW will result in the standard water-resistant, breathable cover, with an anit-slip base. Using HF will result in the HD cover with welded seams.)