Pressure Area Care

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PRUventor™ Heel Off-loading Device

The Problem: Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcer prevention presents an important challenge for both acute and community care settings. It is estimated that each year around 700,000 people are affected by pressure ulcers in the UK (NHS ‘stop the pressure’; statistics from the NHS patient safety thermometer).

Annual prevalence surveys from UK hospitals reveal that up to one quarter of all pressure ulcers were located on the heel (Pressure-relieving devices for treating heel pressure ulcers (review). E McGinnis, N Stubbs. 2014).

The solution: PRUventor™ Heel Off-loading Device

DeRoyal PRUventor™ is a clinically approved heel off-loading device that will help to ensure the patient’s heel is relieved of pressure while also helping to prevent foot drop and lateral foot rotation.

Two length options

PRUventor™ is available in two lengths: long and short. Each boot comes with an anti-rotation wedge. 

Ordering codes

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PRUventor™ Heel

Protector long



PRUventor™ Heel

Protector short



DeRoyal Heel Protector
W/ strap, full foot (pair)



DeRoyal Utility Pad 16x16x2in (for two legs)

    • PRUventor boots (long and short)

PRUventor™ Boots (long and short)


    • PRUventor foam protector and utility pad

PRUventor™ foam protector and utility pad