ComfortGel Mattress


  • CoreGel technology in the sacral area
  • Sloped heel zone 
  • Static mattress
  • Suitable for up to Grade 4 pressure damage
  • Suitable for user weight up to 35.75st. (227kg)
  • Insert warranty 5 years
    • coregel

CoreGel Technology

CoreGel technology is positioned in the sacral area of the mattress, to redistribute pressure in the vulnerable sacral region to help prevent pressure ulcers. The gel columns buckle to absorb the patient's weight, allowing for immersion and envelopment.

The placement of the CoreGel also acts as a positioning pocket, which prevents the user from sliding towards the foot of the bed, when the head end is elevated.

Product Code Product Name Product Dimensions
2850 ComfortGel Mattress 80" x 35" x 7" (203.2 x 88.9 x 17.8cm)