Sofcare HeelCare Boots


  • Choose from the Sofcare Heel Boot (various sizes) and the Sofcare Elite Heel Boot
  • Pre-inflated
  • Single patient use
  • Not suitable for walking
  • Easy to fasten with hook and loop straps
  • Warranty 30 days
    • stryker boots
    • elite boot

Scalloped top edges act to prevent sharp edges from coming into contact with delecate skin. The pre-inflated boots are spot-welded to allow for airflow through the boot to redistribute pressure, and greatly reduce the ability for the boot to bottom out.

All of the boots have an inspection hole in the heel of the boot for staff to check the skin condition with minimal disturbance for the patient.

Product Code Product Name
HCB2001 Sofcare Universal Heel Boot
HCB204ML Sofcare Long Heel Boot (M)
HCB205LL Sofcare Long Heel Boot (L)
HCB3000 Sofcare Elite Heel Boot