Pressure Area Care

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Sumed® Brands

Sumed Online Store for private customers has just been launched!!!!  

Sumed® has a number of branded products, a number of which are produced in-house at Hadfield, Derbyshire.

Dynamic Systems

Integrity® Dynamic Mattress Replacement System with exceptionally quiet pump and Auto-Dual Mode. New for 2012

Pressure Area Care

Flowform® Bathing Buy Online Redevelopment from the original Sumed® bathing product range with improved envelopment in the Flowform® module. Consists of Flowform® Bath Cushion in three sizes, Flowform® Bath Mattress and Flowform® Bath/Commode Cushion  Manufactured in Hadfield, Derbyshire

Viscotech® Buy Online A range of cushions and mattresses consisting of foam and Visco-elastic properties including Viscotech® Community with new High Risk version for 2012. 

Bifoam Back Buy Online Dual density foam Lumbar Pad with extra lateral support

Backpack Buy Online A unique opportunity to provide a comfortable back support without modification to the wheelchair

Flowform® Ultra 90 Cushion up to Stages 1-2 Therapeutic Use. Easy Maintenance and redeveloped from the original Ultra 90 with extra envelopment. The original Ultra 90 is now discontinued and will only be available whilst stocks last.

Flowform® Maxitech Cushion Large surface area to be used to disperse pressure, can be used any way up or round

Primenest® 2 Cushion A low profile seating system incorporating a contoured ABS* base and a large pebbled Akton® viscoelastic top layer. Redeveloped from the original Primenest Cushion

Wound Care

Ciltech® Buy Online Scar Management sheets and gels for hypertrophic and keliod scars

Cilguard® Polyurethane Wound Dressing with a soft Silicone adhesive

We would love to hear your feedback on our products or the Sumed website