Pressure Area Care

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ViscoPro® Mattresses

ViscoPro high performance pressure relieving mattresses use only the highest quality open cell visco-elastic material to create a durable, temperature sensitive foam that will mould to any body shape. 
ViscoPro mattresses are suitable for clients up to very high risk and also those with skin damage up to and including stage 2.
All ViscoPro products come with a stretchable, breathable and waterproof PU cover, which features fully welded seams and a generous zip overlap to help prevent fluid ingress.
ViscoPro is competitively priced and there are­ volume discounts available.

ViscoPro overlay mattress

  • 7cm high overlay mattress
  • Made entirely of high density visco-elastic foam
  • Ideal for use with a base mattress 
  • Client weight range: 0-127kg (0-20 stone)

ViscoPro full mattress

  • 15cm high full replacement mattress 
  • 7cm high density visco-elastic with 8cm high quality base foam
  • Standard (195cm) and extra long (210cm) configurations
  • Options for a range of client weights: 0-51kg (0-8 stone), 51-127kg (8-20 stone) & 127+ kg (20+ stone)
    • ViscoPro mattress and overlay

ViscoPro Ordering Codes

Weight range Standard (195cm) Extra Long (210cm)
Mattress 0-51kg (0-8 stone) 87cm wide x 15cm high VMATPRO1 VMATPRO1XL
Mattress 51-127kg (8-20 stone) 87cm wide x 15cm high VMATPRO2 VMATPRO2XL
Mattress 127+ kg (20+ stone) 87cm wide x 15cm high VMATPRO3 VMATPRO3XL
Mattress Overlay 0-127kg (0-20 stone) 87cm wide x 7cm high VMATPRO4 -