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The Viscotech® Range


The Viscotech range uses different foam specifications and combinations to enable envelopment either as a single foam product or for more complex needs a composite foam mattress range. Viscotech uses the very latest foam and visco-elastic technology, supported by comprehensive clinical evidence, to ensure maximum immersion.

Added Function

By using castellation and composite layers of foam, the range provides a product for a low risk comfort user up to a high risk user. Constructed from Vitafoam’s Vasco and Reflex foams, Viscotech offers better density and hence has more durability than many of its competitors. To ensure optimum performance in the clinical environment, all Viscotech products are protected by a high specification polyurethane cover. The 2-way breathable stretch fabric delivers exceptional comfort and the integral anti-bacterial agent provides peace of mind.

See the Viscotech difference for yourself in the pressure mapping picture below (Red shows high pressure being exerted on the patient and blue represents pressure relief)

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