Xsensor Pressure Mapping

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ForeSite by Xsensor

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ForeSite SS is a powerful, and easy-to-use system for the measurement of body surface pressures that are a key factor in the development of pressure ulcers.

Designed for seating professionals, ForeSite allows therapists to record and analyze interface pressure data—providing the information they need to develop an effective pressure relief strategy.

In addition, patients can use the visual feedback provided by ForeSite to learn ways that they can relieve these pressures. Delivered with the LX100—a durable, cleanable, factorycalibrated sensor—ForeSite provides the the accuracy and resolution required by rehabilitation specialists.

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The ForeSite™ PT patient turn system allows caregivers to continually monitor persistent body pressures that are a primary cause of decubitus ulcers, and provides the information they need to execute an effective patient turn strategy.

The ForeSite PT system consists of a fitted mattress cover embedded with thousands of sensor cells that continuously measure the patient’s body surface pressures, and a touch screen monitor that displays real-time images of elevated pressures. 
ForeSite PT’s software displays pressure markers that clearly identify areas of the body that have been under sustained pressure. The patient turn clock tracks the time since the last reposition, visually notifying the clinician that it’s time to adjust the patient’s body position.